Monday, January 23, 2012

Creative Space ;-) (Part 1)

These days have been so cold/cloudy/rainy around here.
I already stitched my 3 blocks for this month (yes!!!)
I won't take pictures until the sun comes out.
So here I am blogging about my Needlework Station area
(previously blogged about it on my "old" blog).
Picture above is how it looks now, which I'm pleased with.
Below was how it looked when I first set it up, which still 
I think it was nice... however....
when I started to acquire more things then it looked
like the picture below... overcrowded/messy indeed!
I still think I can do something better with the see-thru 
plastic drawers... any ideas?
I think the see-thru drawers take away from 
the tidiness of the desk area... what do you think?
Could I dressed them up some kind of way?
I don't want to have to replace them but just up-cycle them
or something like that.
I'm willing to consider any ideas ;-)!
Well, any ideas that don't involved moving them
to a different place because I don't have any 
other place for them.
Please do share!


  1. I love your white desk & hutch :-).

    For the see-through drawers, you could very easily slip a piece of pretty scrapbook paper in there, facing outward. Maybe attach it with some clear tape or glue dots.

  2. Exactly what I was going to suggest! I've seen a few people use these storage bins and many have put some pretty paper at the front to 'pretty it up'. You're lucky to have a nice work area though. I really love my little room, but it's not quite large enough and not comfy enough for stitching. I design in there (and so all my study things there!!), and keep most of my stock except my main thread box (no room for it and it looks better in the living/dining room), but I tend to actually work designs here in the living room.

  3. glenda took the words right out of my mouth ;) I was also going to suggest putting in some pretty scrapbook paper, perhaps attaching it with double stick scotch tape.

    your new needlework desk (top picture) is absolutely beautiful. do you use your sewing machine here too?

  4. Thanks so much ladies for the suggestion! It is an unanimous need to go checking for scrapbook paper!!!


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