Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finger Kitchen Mitten

 This finger kitchen mitten is one of my previous projects
made in November 2008.
A very quick, easy and fun crafty project to squeeze in a busy schedule!
The pattern for the mitten is a free pattern from
the Needlecrafter website.
The pattern I used for the stitcheries of the rooster
and momma hen and her chicks is from ...
 ... an embroidery pattern set  from Patternbee.
As I already mentioned is very quick to put together,
the only step requiring time is the embroidery and that is
if you want it to be embroidered.
 Mine turned out a bit big, if I ever decide to make another
one I will definitely reduced the size of the pattern a little
before printing it.
Just for fun.... below is a before picture with most
of the things needed to make the finger kitchen mitten.
Maybe you remember when I posted this on a previous
old blog but if this is your first time seeing it
I hope you like it and perhaps make one (or some)!


  1. super cute! Great new blog you have created:)

  2. It's beatiful !! And very sweet...i like it!

  3. cute, and i do remember you posting it :) I made one as well back in spring of 2009, it was actually my first sewing project I made when I was test driving Peggy before I officially purchased her. I actually have plans to make a couple of more because I find them very handy, but find the different sizes of the finger pad area a bit awkward so when I remake the finger mitt pad I'm going to tweak the template so the left and right sides of the finger pad are the same size.


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