Saturday, January 14, 2012

Have You Seen...

...the freebies on the Lecien website?
They have lots of free quilt patterns, some with
stitcheries ;-)
Look what I found there!
I particularly fell in love with this one, not only 
because is a hand embroidery pattern but it is
from Robin designer of Bird Brain Designs
stitchery patterns... which I have quite a few of.
There are other patterns by well know designers.
What you need to do if you will like to download it
is go to their website and click it from there.
Here it is:

What about this one here,
Cute, ha?
This one is under their 
Lecien Zakka Recipe tab... you have to explore
clicking the 5 white buttons on the top right
to find it... ;-). Ok, I tell you is on the
3rd button from left to right.
Have fun exploring!
I saved them for later... trying to focus now on 
the quilt project.


  1. I like the berries one!=)

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my insects. Yes, you're right - we call them 'ladybirds' over here - although I think the US English word is a bit more accurate!!! The back two are meant to be a leaf beetle and a shining flower beetle, but they're worked the same and not as complex as they look. I'll put them on my blog as soon as I know the mag's been published for a few weeks. As I'm not being paid, I'm not waiting too long!!!!LOL!

    Hope you're all well. Love from across the Pond, Sis!=) xxx

  2. Me encanta la web que has proporcionado, no la conocía y tiene unos patrones geniales!! Muchísimas gracias!!
    Que pases un fin de semana genial!!

  3. Thank you for the link! What a nice site - they have so many lovely patterns! I had heard the term zakka but I didn't know what it was!

  4. Hi there! I hopped over to say thank you for visiting my site and for the sweet comments, and here you've gifted me again with some freebies..thank you! :)

  5. You show nice work here on your blog. THANKS for trying to help me out over on the fiber blog in trying to purchase Emily´s first book. I am going to try to get it on her Etsy right now if that does not work then I will go back to that "strange" :) page I saw yesterday....again, thanks for replying to my plea for help!!!

  6. Thans y'all for stopping by and for your nice comments!


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