Saturday, January 21, 2012

The More "Serious" Hand Embroidery

Sigh! I really need to find time to continue
working on my Training Kits.
(Above: collage that compiles embroidery in TK 1-3)
On my "old" blog I used to post occasionally about
them and how things were going. Well,
honestly I haven't touch my Training Kit 3 wip
in a long time.
I sure want to! It is just that even though it is
more satisfying for me to work on this more
"serious" kind of embroidery it does take
a considerable amount of time. 
Maybe working a few minutes here and there?
I don't like doing that because it doesn't work for me.
(This below is my 3rd Training Kit Practice Piece)
It is not like in simple outline embroidery, in just a few minutes 
with just a few common simple stitches outlining the shape of 
your design you can make good progress and
even stitch almost everywhere while out and about.
 With this type of "serious" embroidery 
 I want to sit surrounded by
threads, needles, stork embroidery scissors ;-),
lots of sunlight, a refreshing drink, no distractions
 and at least 2 to 3 hours every other day
of spare time that I can immerse myself  into
some "serious" embroidery!
(Below is my current 3rd Training Kit wip)
It takes me about 10-15 minutes to set everything up and get
the atmosphere just right to start working on this type 
of more complicated designs, then every element in the 
design requires focus, precision and time.
This above is the last Training Kit I started, #3.
There is a total of 6. 
(Below is my 1st Training Kit finished and Practice Piece)
(Below is my 2nd Training Kit finished and Practice Piece
left to right: uncut turkey stitch, cut turkey stitch, practice piece)
I think my only resource could be... 
a weekend of binge (lol) embroidering once a month.
Hmmm... I normally do have one weekend
a month without much in my schedule.
That may work!  
It has to... because I really can't and I'm not willing to sacrifice 
precious time with family and with my personal dedication to my Maker.
I wonder... what is needed, in your case, to 
be able to work and enjoy what you love doing?
 I will love to hear it!


  1. I second the sunlight requirement! It's especially difficult, I think, to start a new project under artificial light. It seems like my colors always look weird the next day!

    Your training kits are beautiful!

  2. That last comment was me - not sure why it published as anonymous!

  3. Yup, this kind of stitchery takes a lot of time and concentration. I'm intrigued by the 'training kit' idea. I haven't heard of those. Are they a commercial thing that you bought, or something you've put together yourself?

    1. The Training Kits, I purchased them online about 7 years ago from
      this site .
      For some reason I don't see that they have online buying options at this moment
      however you could always contact them and see.
      I have their stitch glossary that helps you learn the stitches by level for each of the Training Kits.
      I also got their VHS (which I locally arranged to be turned into DVD) but I think they have it in DVD now.

  4. That is some beautiful stitching! It does take a lot of concentration to do this type of stitching!

  5. I can easily work for a few minutes here and there. I only do hardanger embroidery and cross stitch. Both of them are easy for me to pick up and put down. I have all my things (stand, Q snap, scissors, ort pile) laid out around my stitching chair, so whenever I have a few minutes, off I go! Love your embroideries. They're lovely. I hope you get the time you need!!

    1. You are a Pro! Your wips are large and you rotate among quite a few faithfully :-).

  6. Gorgeous stitching! I find that lighting is so critical. If I can't see clearly I end up having to redo things. And I keep all the stuff I need in one of those old-fashioned sewing baskets. I'm not adept at some of the more difficult stitches, so I don't use them. But I still find I need a good bit of concentration to do a good job even on the simpler stitches. Someday I'll venture out a little further in the water as you already have.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  7. Thanks ladies for giving me your input!
    I see that lighting and the ability to concentrate is something we all agree as necessary.


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