Friday, January 27, 2012

Quilt Progress (Blocks 1-3)

These are the first 3 blocks for the month of January all finished!
There is a Stitchy Quilt Along going on at this moment
on New Embroidery with Vintage Patterns group on flickr
in which I'm also posting my progress report under this 
discussion topic.
Below is a just for fun picture of my bunny block in the making
while waiting at a doctor's office.
 I need to piece a couple of blocks to start stitching 
blocks 4-6 blocks for the month of February.
I'm trying to keep my focus (which at times is really hard)
so I can finish this quilt on time... by April.
Are you working on any crafty long term projects?
I will love to see ;-)!


  1. this is looking so good! are you going to backing this quilt with fabric from this same line or something else?

    1. thanks! From this fabric line I only have this jelly roll I'm using so definitely using some other fabric for the backing.

  2. wow .I love them..they are so sweet !!!
    Great work !!
    best wishes

  3. Those are turning out super cute!! I can't wait to see them altogether, in quilt form :-).

  4. Vintage Girl/Marivel and Glenda .... Thanks!

  5. very nice!! It's coming along great!!..I do wish I had the patience for cheat!! I just slap it on overlapping, and sew! :D..
    Kristine :)


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