Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stash Additions

It's been awhile since I've added goodies to my stash.
However, not long ago, some things got my attention, a couple of
books and a pincushion pattern that I saw in 2 blogs,
here and here.
Because of the pincushion pattern, well, the materials/supplies 
to make them were part of the bounty.
A Garden Pincushion pattern by Lynette Anderson,
Seasons (Cosmo) variegated embroidery floss and a 
few fat quarters of Secret Garden fabric by Lynette Anderson.
I expect to work on a few pincushions 
here and there as time permits. 
I will not be using the buttons that came with the pattern
but some wood ones that I already had on my stash.
These skeins of variegated thread have such pretty colors in
them, however I was playing with the darker 8042 one and
it takes a while to change from one color to another when
hand embroidering, perhaps is a different story when cross stitching so
because of that I won't be using that one for the pincushions but
the 8050 and 8065 ones.
Look at this particular one... lots of vibrant colors in one skein.
I forgot to find out if they are colorfast, which is very important
for me (will do that now).
To my surprise I received all these items very quickly,
great customer service indeed! 
I didn't spend much on all this because I recycle the $
from some books I sold recently on my shop :-).
I will show you the books I mentioned at the beginning on a future post!
Have you added any recent goodies to your stash?


  1. Cute pincushion patterns, and such pretty fabrics & flosses.

    Yay, two new blogs to add to my google reader!

    A tip I read about cross-stitching with variegated floss is to make each "x" individually, rather than making a row of half cross-stitches and then coming back across the row to complete them all. (Ugh, does that wording make sense?!!) But it probably depends on the design and the amount of variation in that skein of floss :-).

    1. Thanks and LOL... have fun reading your newly added blogs!
      What you explained about making x-stitches with variegated thread totally makes sense ;-).


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