Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome To My New Spot! ( For New Post Scroll Down)

Welcome to Bits of Stitching!
(this entry is postdated until 01/30/2012)
Hope you found your way ;-)!
My previous handicrafts blog was My 1st Bambina!
Now Bits of Stitching! is my new spot for sharing/posting
about any of my, new and old, crafty endevors.
Life surprises us when we least expected and to
embrace that I decided to start a blog from scratch.
My 1st Bambina! will still be there serving its
own purpose.
Why the name Bits of Stitching!?
Well.... if you knew me from my previous blog,
you may have noticed that even though I love
to handicraft and everything that comes with,
(supplies, pattern, books, etc.) the truth is that
I'm not able to complete much of what I start.
My time is very limited and I'm expecting it to stay
 that way for years to come. 
However I do like to squeeze some stitching 
a bit here and a bit there so
Bits of Stitching!
seems to be a perfect description of how I move along
with my handicrafts. ;-)
For now, some of my posts will be familiar to some of you,
(need to include some good "old" stuff).
I'm also going to try to keep personal posts
to a minimum.
I've postdated this entry just to make others aware of my change.
Meanwhile I keep fixing up my new "home",
I hope you find me here!
See you around! ;-)


  1. Hola!! me encanta volverte a ver en la red!
    Mis mejores deseos para este año que entra..

  2. Hi Monika!
    Your new blog looks great and I love the name! I am looking forward to your posts :)

  3. ¡Qué alegría que hayas velto! Me encanta ver tus trabajos, aunque sean poquitos... así que me hago seguidora tuya y por aquí te visitaré :-)
    ¡¡Besotes gordos!!!

  4. I'm glad you are feeling creative again and are going to show us some of your beautiful WIPs and completed projects!

  5. Hi there! So glad to see you back, love your new blog.
    Hope you're feeling well....;)

  6. You're all so sweet! Thanks for the warm welcome back!!!


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