Thursday, February 2, 2012

Creative Space (Part 2) ;-)

Time for the 2nd part of my creative space!
(Part 1 here, Needlework Station.)
It is inside a walking closet! 
This picture above gives you an overall idea of the 2nd part of my creative space,
the space where I do the sewing and 90% of the "shopping" for 
things I need since it's where I keep my stash of
fabric, materials, supplies, books, etc. Love shopping in here! ;-)
Here is a closer view of most of the top section.
And here a closer look at the bottom section.
This is the view of the sewing area when seated.
Before moving the sewing space to this area dd would
wake up easily at night (my sewing machine is not noisy but
not completely a quiet one).
She could here me using it but after moving it here that
was no longer a problem, since I could comfortably close
the closet door while I sew.
I will like to have a dedicated room for a creative studio but
that will not be happening anytime soon, however,
I'm quite happy and comfortable with my space!
What space do you use as your creative space?
If you happen to have pictures of it in your blog/etc.
feel free to leave a link to it!


  1. Oh, this is the sort of thing that moves me to envy Americans and their homes with space!!!=)LOL!

    Seriously though, I do most of my actual stitching from the living room couch. The sewing machine will be set up on the dining table when I get the umph to get on with the machine things. I do some designing etc on a table in my study, but it's not really comfy enough in there for stitching.

    1. Elizabeth... sometimes I think that instead of having an advantage... in a way it could be the opposite...LOL!!!

  2. A gorgeous sewing nook, you have everything so organised. :)

  3. Elizabeth's comment was cute...yes we American's may have larger space but for most of them it's enough, sad to say. I am thankful to have a sewing room myself, spoiled yes and if I had to give it up I would be very sad, but if you love crafting/sewing you'll find a way to do it from home. Love how organized it all looks. I'll be posting my space as well soon.


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