Friday, February 24, 2012

Eye Candy (Picture Heavy / Edited on 03/08/2012)

I have some stitchy progress to show you but the lack of 
sunlight prevented me from taking pictures.
In the meantime enjoy some eye candy!

Below are some of the ways I use to keep all my
hand embroidery threads and floss stash organized:

(PS= still not feeling too good, but eye candy always 
cheers me up a bit. Hope you enjoyed it too!)


  1. Gorgeous threads! Where did you get all the thread?

    1. I've been purchasing threads from different places. Online, locally, nearby towns or sometimes when we travel.

  2. whoa, that is some seriously beautiful floss! to think that i think that DMC is the only option to use!

    I hope you get some sunny weather soon so we can all see some stitchy WIP pics.

    Take it easy and I hope you feel a bit better soon.

  3. Those blue flosses in the first picture are gorgeous!!

  4. Oooh, all those lovely colours! Can't imagine how folk can be bothered to wind their floss onto bobbins though - although it makes a very attractive box.=)

    Hope you're feeling fitter soon.

    1. I totally understand what you mean! For simple projects (just outline embroidery) I find it convenient when it is winded in the bobbins, when doing more serious embroidery I like it straight from a skein.

  5. My favourite kind of eye candy! I love the barefoot shepherdess photo, lovely colours

    Kate x

  6. OMG..lovely,lovely floss...Iam J...does that make you feel better??? ..just kidding :)

    Take care...

  7. wowza! I have serious floss envy! lovely photos :]

  8. Hi Monika - I hope you are feeling better soon! Thank you for sharing all these gorgeous photos - I love looking at floss!

  9. Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments and good wishes!

  10. Sorry to hear you're still not well. I hope you are getting lots of rest.

    There's something comforting about looking at someone's floss collection. Yours is certainly a beautiful sight!


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