Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stitchy Distractions ;-)

Yes... I'm distracted! 
Perhaps I must say... very distracted ;-) from my Quilt project.
First with an embroidery pattern that was featured on
an e-magazine that I was subscribed to.
 The May issue of  Bustle & Sew e-magazine has a
super cute pattern by designer
I'm so glad I was reminded of this pattern when
today browsing a little bit (while dinner was cooking)
found Lilipopo's blog and saw that she is having
a Stitch Along! She also has a shop.
My second distraction is the Daisychain ABC's Sampler
by designer Alicia Paulson... another super cute project!
This particular sampler I plan to work on it slowly.
Would you care to join? It could be fun!
I won't be starting until March.
I resized it smaller, traced it and I still need to hoop it up.
For this project I may be using DMC floss instead of wool.

I'm also starting an online embroidery class with Mary Corbet from
(picture below from Needle-n-Thread)
I received my kit for the class over a week ago...
I'm very excited and looking forward to it!
I do have in my schedule to work on my Stitchy Quilt Along
next weekend... so all is good!
I wonder... when you work on your projects,
are you able to focus and work just on one project 
until you are done or are you more like me
having a few things going on at the same time?


  1. I am like you. I have a few projects going at the same time.

  2. I think I'm in a totally different leage... I can not work on just a couple of projects - I have many going on at the same time. I just counted: 4 quilts (not included my ufo's), 4 knitting projects, 2 crochet projects and 3 embroideries.
    I work regularly on every project, so they make progress and most of them get finished. And when I work I'm able to concentrate 100% on what I do.
    But.. it does produce a lot of ufo's I have to admit.
    I am definately a starter - not a finisher!
    Nice blog with a lot of inspiration :-)

    1. What a relief... lol! Thanks for sharing... this is how I feel at times!

  3. all 3 of your new WIPs pictured look lovely! I am most looking forward to seeing your exquisite needle book WIP pics!

    Me personally, I can only have 1 WIP at a time. I personally would just find it distracting/disorganized/overwhelming to have more than 1 WIP, and I would also feel like I was "cheating" on the other WIP ;) Ironically, I have no problem having 1 sewing WIP and 1 embroidery WIP at the same time. To me, sewing and embroidering are completely different and do not conflict with each other ;) This is probably why I also only read 1 book at a time too. My hubby does not, he often has 2 - 4 different books he is reading!

  4. Sometimes I have more than one project going and other times not.

    The little girl with the fabric black dress looks so cute:) Oh and the ABC sampler looks pretty interesting too.

    BTW, I received your package the other day and I was smiling away at all the goodies:) Thanks a MILLION friend! I didn't have any of those shades of perle cotton---you did good;) Love the bird pattern too.

    Take care!!

    1. Thanks for sharing! I'm glad it got there safely and that it made you smile!

  5. I recently bought Alicia's pattern, too! It didn't draw my interest with the colors she chose, but I saw Pretty by Hand's interpretation of it ( and was smitten :-). And I like the idea of making it to fit in an 8x10 frame.

    Have fun with Mary's class!! I can't wait to see the end result, although I'm hoping you'll share in-progress photos along the way.

    1. The pattern is too cute, have fun with it! I too resized it smaller for an 8 by 10 frame ;-), took the idea from the same blog you linked to.
      About the class, thanks! I am having fun with it, just a bit behind but hopefully this coming weekend i'll catch up.
      Definitely will post my progress on it :-).


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