Friday, March 2, 2012

Lilipopo Flower Picker Girl and #1 Dancing Princess SAL

I'm very happy with how these two patterns turned out!
Had lots of fun choosing colors and stitches as I embroidered away. 
Here is Flower Picker Girl!
 Her hair was the part that took the longest.
I wanted her to look a bit like my dd.
 It was hard to decide which colors to use for the flowers...
but I finally decided on this magenta... [I'm not great
with color names so feel free to correct me... ;-) .]
Love her red shoes!
Maybe I should keep her on my needlework station area so I can 
smile every time I look at her ... unless dd claims it, we'll see.
  Below I present you Dancing Princess #1 of Lilipopo's
stitch along.  I wanted her to look like royalty ;-),
that's why I decided on this particular fabric for her dress.
Princesses needs lots of sparkle! Ask dd and she would totally agree ;-).
Sparkly veil, dress and shoes... she is definitely ready to dance
the night away! I hope she behaves!
Just for fun below is a picture of princess #1 in progress.
I'm looking forward to meet and stitch princess #2!
I wonder if she is going to be all fancy and blingy like
her sister here or, would she be more on the conservative side?
Hmmm... I guess I'll have to wait and see!

On another note... I almost caught up with my online class!!!
Will share that with you later.
However I'm behind on one Quilt Project block from the 
month of February. 
I will take it with me to stitch while waiting on the
 carpool and see if I can get it done today.
Hand Embroidery is great therapy!!!


  1. Oh my goodness! How lovely to have such a wonderful stitcher stitching up my designs! They both look so lovely!

    Kate x

  2. Too cute!! I love how you did the hair on the first girl and the red shoes are perfect. What else should a girl wear on her feet when out picking wild flowers? The gold girl is lovely! Did that fabric piece come in a kit or did you cut something out? It looks tailor-made for the project!

    1. I used a tiny piece of some small cuts of "fancy" fabrics that I purchased a while back when I was interested in crazy quilting, if I'm not mistaken... this type of fabric is call brocade.

  3. WOW.... They look so delicate. What a wonderful job!

  4. The girls are adorable! I love how you mixed two colors in the flowers behind her back on the first girl....creative!

    I bet your dd will be sneaking that first one for sure;)

  5. The flower girl and princess are so adorable, beautiful stitching! I can understand why your daughter would claim them.

  6. Oh, I love them both!! Your applique turned out so wonderful -- fabulous fabric choices for both girls :-). The hair on the first embroidery is beautiful, and I love her ponytail/braid holders.


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