Monday, April 23, 2012

A Few More Stash Additions ;-)

From Colonial Patterns (aka: Aunt Martha's)
I bought a few new iron on embroidery patterns/transfers,
these below are the ones that made it to my stash.
3 Transfer Pattern Books: 
In addition to the transfer pattern books I also got
2 Stitcher's Revolution patterns for Dd's stash:
To round up my order (taking advantage of shipping $ limits)

 I added a pattern that I used to 
have but gave to my mother-in-law after I stitched
the daffodils in the set on a tea towel for her.
Maybe some of you remember this from my "old" blog...

... did you know that Jonquil is another name given to
Daffodils due to their distinctive hues of yellow?
I learned that when I stitched this towel :-).
This pattern is 3813 Flower of the Month and one that you may be able
to find where you normally buy your Aunt Martha's patterns.
By the way, the tea towel is from Quilter's Studio.
I placed a large order from them about 4 years ago and
still have some that need to be embroidered... that is
whenever I get around to doing that ;-).

Remember that not long ago I mentioned this pattern
below was on my wish list? It now belongs in my stash :-).
Bee's Word Crewel Embroidery pattern.
I purchased it from Emily's webstore here.
Emily blogs about her patterns while she works on them on her blog.
This one below also made it to my stash ;-).
Spring Bluebird Embroidery pattern.
You can find this one in Emily's webstore here.
Love these patterns inspired by nature!
Love to see/read about them on Emily's blog!

Mollie just release few new patterns and the one
that got my attention was this super cute set!
It is called Maxton Place and the set includes
9 super cute critters. You can find it
on Mollie's Wild Olive etsy shop here.

Finally browsing around I stumbled upon these
Dimensions Embroidery Kits:

Flower Doodles also purchased at 1-2-3 Stitch.
I think I'm done with embroidery pattern purchases for a while now...
(I think).
What have you added recently, plan to add or replaced
on your stash?

(This is a scheduled blog post. I'm still away from my blog.)


  1. All your new patterns are lovely, I enjoyed following the links and having a look. I seem to keep adding to my patterns too, now I just need some more time!

  2. Son muy bonitos, yo ando buscando nuevos patrones, lo malo es que no tengo tiempo! ;)


  3. Thanks ladies! I too lack the time... but when I find patterns that I like, if I'm able I buy them ;-)... [if not then on my wishlist they go]. It feels good to have them at hand since you never know when the time is right ;-)!


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