Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Old Progress- About 3+ Weeks ago...(?)

Well, what can I say? My craftiness is kind of on hold.
Few weeks ago (in March) I pieced the last 3 blocks
for the 9 block quilt I'm making.
 Just yesterday I started and finished stitching the fluffy baby chick
on that block in the back. Last night I was able to start on
the cute and chubby baby elephant on the right block.
I'm hoping to finish stitching these today to be able to put this
small quilt together... I'm hoping!
My embroidery/crewel project, The Nesting Place, hasn't seen
any progress since the last few stitches I added to it (the leaves).
There is still much to do on this!
This one will definitely have to wait until I'm able to sit
comfortably on my Needlework Station to work on it... thing
that is very challenging at this point. The quilt blocks
are very easy and so portable, I work on them
for a few minutes here and there while with my legs up in the recliner :-).
I was disappointed for not been able to finish
both of these wips in a timely manner, however I can't bit myself up for it.
They will get done when the time is right!
Do you have any projects with a mental deadline that
do to specific circumstances, didn't get done on "time"?
How did/do you feel?
I will be scheduling some blog post here and there in order
not to neglect my little blog for to long ;-).
I still need to set sometime aside to catch up with y'all blogs
and with leaving comments. I may also
take sometime in replying to comments left on this blog's posts
... bear with me please! :-)


  1. your projects are looking lovely as usual. i know it may be hard to find the time, but since it's a 9 block quilt, if you can find some quiet time this weekend, you may be able to get it all done!

  2. Fun projects - your quilt blocks look beautiful! I hope you are feeling better soon :)

  3. Your blocks are beautiful, I hope you get time to stitch them together. Hope you feel more comfortable too.

  4. The blocks look great! Eagerly awaiting seeing that all finished!


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