Thursday, February 27, 2014

Winter Stitching Update

Not far from completing the embroidery and piecing of the final three designs and hexie flowers for the Winter Stitching Club!

Will love to be done by tomorrow night, but in reality that may not happen. Perhaps will work on them while on a trip! And for that matter, may take along some of the other Wip's ;-). Yes, this is my kind of packing!
Hope y'all have a great weekend!

PS: Winter Stitching Club by Wild Olive / Mollie Johanson

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dd's Earth Embroidery Project

After 2:00AM and I am still awake thanks to a terrible chest pain caused by wicked acid reflux mixed with the feeling that I've swallowed an inflated balloon :-(. 
To cheer things up a bit let me share my oldest's latest embroidery project!
About three weeks ago my oldest dd was learning about the Solar System.
In addition to the various activities in her curriculum, she also asked to embroider a planet... her favorite, Earth!

A while back I added this embroidery pattern (by Wild Olive) to my stash, dd used it to trace planet Earth into a piece of a Sticky Fabri Solvy and pasted it onto a black t-shirt. This was her very first time stitching on this type of material and she got a bit discouraged. I promised to give her some pointers, but since we have been so busy lately we have not had a chance to go over them. Perhaps this coming week!

Hopefully she will endure and finish embroidering Earth!
PS: Mollie has a freebie of another version of only planet Earth on her blog. Just in case your favorite planet it's also Earth ;-)!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spring Stitching Club Preparations

Sign ups are already open for the Spring Stitching Club, I didn't waste a second and already signed up! It will be only $5.00 until March 2nd, once it starts on March 3rd it will go up to $8.00. Which it is still a great deal!

I've been getting ready for the Spring Stitching Club since I started working on the Winter one ;-). My fabric and embroidery thread / floss selections are from my stash. The fabric I got few months ago at Joann, I thought it was cute and not too pricey (love coupons) to keep practicing my EPP. Over the couple of days that we were snowed in, I washed, trimmed, and ironed all of it. Now it's ready for cutting.

The DMC embroidery thread was for another project that I will not be starting anytime soon, however I may choose to use the floss in my floss organizer already in bobbins... will see!

My schedule this week will be tight, but I must find time to keep working on the Winter Stitching Club so I do not fall behind. Then will be taking a blog break for a couple of weeks, during which I'm not sure if I be able to make much progress in any of my current projects. Once back I plan to be on the race again for a bit before I have to take another break. Spring is a very happy busy time in this household!

For those of you that will like to know more about the Spring Stitching Club here is a link to the early sign ups.
Great week to everyone!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

WIP's Updates...

I am quite happy with the progress on these two projects. When I was having to take it "easy" do to the recovery time, I advanced on the basting and piecing of hexie flowers for my Winter Stitching Club. I still have 3 other flowers ready for piecing and have to embroider the 11th pattern which was released this past Monday.

These cute patterns are so much fun to stitch! Each take about 30 minutes to stitch more or less, which it is awesome since I am able to keep up (or at times catch up) even with my busy schedule or when I am "under the weather". At the time the Autumn Stitching Club started my schedule was very cramped and I was not able to embroidered any of the patterns but I may try to start on it soon. I've already printed all the designs on to a sheet of Sticky Fabri-Solvy, they are just waiting to be stitched.

That super cute snowman and pair of mittens will be soon turn into hexie flowers ;-)! The Spring Stitching Club is coming up soon... so exciting! Today I did some preparations in expectation of it, more on that later.

To conclude, here is how my Laundry Hen is looking. Honestly, I have not work on it as much as I should have. My recovery time is over (although I still have to wait a couple more weeks for vacuuming and mopping) so not much time to stitch and even though we have been snowed in for two days I was not in the mood for stitching,... no kidding, plus I am having second thoughts on the patterns for my mom's quilt. Do not be surprised if next time you see a switch ;-).

Before I go, let me leave you with a small collage of our share from Winter Storm Pax. Thankfully, all is good!
Until next time!

Slow Stitching Sunday by Kathy at Kathy's Quilts
Winter Stitching Club by Wild Olive / Mollie Johanson
Laundry Hen by Colonial Patterns / Aunt Martha's Hot Iron Transfers

Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Hand Embroidery Site

Needle Knowledge is a new needlework site by Cheryl Fall.
She shares information on embroidery and freebies
to stitch! Isn't it great?
I just recently stumbled upon it and wanted to share! :-)
Here's the link: Needlework Knowledge .

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blocks For Mom

Starting this month I'll be working on a series of hand embroidered blocks with the aim of making a lap quilt for my mom (she's 5'.5" and weighs 145 lb). Hopefully this time I'll be able to accomplish it. My mom has Alzheimer's :-( and lives 1430.11 air travel miles from me. I've attempted to make a baby quilt and failed. Perhaps after embroidering all the blocks I should take them to an experienced quilter. My mom is only 65 years old, her illness was diagnosed in her early 50's and now is progressing fast.

I am thinking 9 inch blocks in a very simple arrangement. The truth is I have no idea how many blocks I will need for a simple lap quilt, not even sure if I'll be adding sashing and borders.
So I have a lot of homework. Any help in figuring this out will be greatly appreciated it!!!

All patterns will be from my collection of Aunt Martha's Hot Iron Transfers.
I will be combining designs from various envelopes. Designs that bring warm memories of things, chores, likes, and such of my mother. This 1st block is in memory of the many times my mom hanged clothes to dry on the line (4 kids and Dad). That is how she taught me! In a tropical island there was no real need for a dryer, though I have the feeling that my mom would have loved to own one, especially when raising my younger sister and I and having to deal with flares of lupus. I'm so grateful for having her as my mom and for the way she taught me!!! The last advice mom gave me regarding laundry was when I was already married and with my first baby, she said to me: "don't put off folding the laundry, it's much better to fold as soon as the dryer stops". Simple but oh so true!!!

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