Thursday, May 1, 2014

Crafting Varieties

These past few weeks were really busy,... and it's not over yet! No free time to pick up a needle but did manage to craft in different ways ;-).

I was finally able to try a recipe from this book and to perform a quick DIY manicure (3 years since my last).

All ingredients in a parchment paper pouch baked for 30 minutes. Can not recall the recipe page in the book (too exhausted and achey from Spring cleaning duties to go and check) but if I am not mistaken it is called Tropical Fish or something like that.

Different versions and portions to suit family needs... (husband's pictured above, oldest below and the baby ate something else).

DIY manicure done in the morning. Still going strong after all I did today!
Hopefully next time I will have some embroidery wip's progress to blog about.

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